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We also do house calls for holistic care, hospice care, and at home euthanasia.

Wellness services

Wellness services so your pets more than just survive; they thrive. Wise lifestyle choices lead to abundant health.

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What To Expect

A visit to Natural Pet will be straightforward and holistic. We believe in using naturally derived products.

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Meet our doctors

The art of medicine lies in a practitioner’s ability to identify which remedy unlocks the body’s healing potential.

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Services offered

While we offer some conventional services such as vaccination and surgery, our comprehensive approach to managing your pet’s health focuses on finding whatever therapy or combination of therapies addresses and resolves the problem with the fewest side effects.





Pet Massage by Katie


Ozone and Ultraviolet Blood Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine


Our goal is to help fix your pet’s health problems at the root.  Whether it be nutritional, related to vaccination, toxins, or something else, we strive to determine the cause and fix it so that your pet does not continue to experience the same cycle of symptoms for the rest of his or her life. 

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Why choose us

We Listen

Our doctors take the time to really listen to you.
We are not quickly in and out of appointments as in some practices with a focus on vaccination.

We Dig Deeper

Our doctors dig deeper into history as well as subtle signs that other non-holistic doctors may not consider significant to determine the best way to treat your pet.
Sometimes this includes conventional things such as surgery and pain medications as well as holistic treatments.

We Are Proactive

We help you be proactive about future care of your pet
by discussing with you things that may contribute to or worsen your pet’s condition and how to avoid these.

We Treat Pets as Individuals

We make recommendations based specifically on your pet.
Your pet is an individual and what works for him or her may not be the same as what works for others.

We Follow Up!

We follow up with you to see if what we are doing is working and if it is not, then we recommend a different protocol.

Canine Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Elisa Katz, DVM, is a certified canine rehabilitation therapist. We offer a full line of rehabilitation services. Starting with a comprehensive rehabilitation examination, Dr. Katz will tailor a plan specific to your pet’s needs.

Some of the treatment options we offer include:

  • Underwater treadmill therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Cold laser therapy
  • In-clinic and at-home therapy and exercise plans
  • Cart measurement and fitting

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Client Testimonials

  • Sophie


    My lab/shepherd mix is 12 years old and Dr. Katz helped Sophie recover from 3 episodes of pancreatitis. Sophie is spry and energetic and still loves her walk in the woods. Thank you Dr. Katz!” -WendyRead More
  • Maisie


    “We brought our dog Maisie in for a chiropractic adjustment looking for a more natural approach to her care.  A tumor was discovered and we were sent for a biopsy.  Confirming it was cancer the clinic advised surgery which would not even guarantee her 6 months of quality life, if …Read More
  • Ruby and Blossom

    Ruby and Blossom

    “If you are looking for more than ordinary vet care, you need not look any further.  Our two dogs, both almost 14 years old, have received EXTRAordinary care at Natural Pet.  Our dogs both have chronic health issues that the local vets treated in conventional ways.  Neither dog was getting …Read More