TheraPaw Pet Hospice Program

Member: International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care

Though human hospice has been around for many years, the field of veterinary hospice is just emerging.

“Hospice is a philosophy and type of care that provides comprehensive, loving support for people with terminal illnesses that have progressed beyond a doctor's expectation of cure. Hospice care includes effective pain management techniques, called "palliative care" or "comfort care," to enable people to be as free from pain as possible. Hospice care helps people to live with dignity, in comfort and peace, surrounded by their loved ones, as they approach the end of their lives.” notes We are striving to offer a similar option for your pet.

Although some animals don’t mind visiting the vet for routine check ups, there often comes a point in Hospice care when the animal can no longer be transported to the hospital. If this becomes the case for your pet, our hospice coordinator, Michele Johnson, can make regular visits to your home to assist you with any treatments that your pet may be receiving, such subcutaneous fluids. Michele can also help communicate your pet’s progress and status with our doctors to help you determine when the right time may be to say goodbye to your friend. Michele communicates with Our doctor(s) about the patient’s status. This way, adjustments in your pet’s Hospice Care Program can be made in the comfort of your home.

Clients who enroll their pet in our Hospice Program meet with Our doctor(s) and our Hospice Coordinator, Michele, to set up an initial protocol that meets the patients’ current medical and physical needs. Then during each weeks in home visit, Michele evaluates the physical, emotional and cognitive changes since the last evaluation. She goes over any questions or problems you may be experiencing and discusses the medications from Our doctor(s) for that week. Often a pet guardian requests more frequent visits as the animal’s condition deteriorates. This allows for an independent evaluation of the patient’s condition on a regular basis, assuring we are meeting your pet’s needs.

Medication cannot be refilled without completing your prescheduled in home evaluation with Michele. And of course, humane euthanasia is still a choice at any time during your pet’s hospice care if you believe this is in your pet’s best interest.

The decision to enroll your pet in a hospice program is a very personal one. Working with a support team during your animal’s final life chapter can offer you guidance and peace of mind. It can offer your dying companion the right to pass comfortably and naturally at home.

To schedule an in home consultation with Michele call 708-278-0003